Letterpress List No. 2: Numb the Pain

It’s Tuesday, so how about a little more free musical advice? (Hey, iTunes does it, why not Shop Boy? Besides, you’ve got no choice in the matter.)

Anyway, you know how sometimes things don’t go your way in the letterpress printshop? It makes you want to drink that botched polymer plate away. You know how sometimes they so don’t go your way — say, a 500-card run fed upside-down — that you want to melt a powdery white substance in a spoon, wrap a rubber cord tightly around your arm, fill a needle and poke a vein? No? Me neither.

Maybe we’re not taking our work seriously enough.

While we take about an hour to think about that one, let this serve as the musical accompaniment:


Drunk and Lonesome AgainSouthern Culture on the Skids (Sounds pretty at closing time.)
I Wanna Be SedatedRamones (Hurry, hurry, hurry — too late.)
DownsHamell on Trial (Havin’ a ball with the Demerol.)
RehabAmy Winehouse (Amy Crackhouse. Heartbreaking.)
Gin and JuiceSnoop Dog (A contact high.)
StrawberryEverclear (A heroin-fueled gutter crawl.)
PsychoSystem of a Down (Cocaine crazy. “Makes you really wanna go … Stop!” Want to test Mary’s reflexes? Put on this band. She can change the song before its third note.)
Beer RunGeorge Jones/Garth Brooks (“I guess half a dozen cases doesn’t last that long …” Oooh. Gotta pee just hearing it. Mary’s even quicker on this one.)
Have a Drink on MeAC/DC (Thanks, but sounds like it’s all gone.)
Tequila SunriseEagles (The booze won’t leave you like she did.)
I Drink AloneGeorge Thorogood (Destroyed in Delaware.)
About to Give Out Tom Petty (“Woke up in the bushes, beat to hell and nude.” Been there, eh guys?)
99 Ways to Die Megadeth (Hung … over.)
AlcoholBarenaked Ladies (Permanently accessorized.)
Union Square Tom Waits (Whiskey in church … with an eternal damnation chaser.)
On the WagonGreen Day (Blame it on sobriety.)

Tune in next week for another Letterpress List!

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