Letterpress List No. 3: I’m a Believer

Breaking news: Shop Boy’s musical genome has been decoded.

I am descended from Monkees.

Hey, I’m as shocked as you are. Mary? Not so much.

See, Mary reduces the entirety of my musical oeuvre thusly: goofy/theatrical/fast. If a song has one or two of those things going for it, Shop Boy is all ears.

The web site for Love God’s Way has also boiled down my musical library.

Harrumph to them both.

I’ll listen only to Pandora.

(An aside here: Shop Boy is no one’s shill but his own — and that of letterpress, naturally. So, see for yourself. No purchase necessary. Results may vary. Past success is no guarantee of future earnings. Professional drivers on a closed course, etc.)

Sometimes, no matter how vast or varied your iPod library is, you want something a little different to listen to while you’re in the printshop. A song you haven’t heard or thought about in years, maybe, or bands you’ve heard about but never experienced. Say you had the opportunity to simply throw your musical preferences — by artist or song title — into a centrifuge, let it spin and let whatever pops out of the speakers play. Pandora, which calls itself a Musical Genome Project, creates playlists for you this way. You click thumbs up or thumbs down as songs play to fine-tune the list as the program narrows and splices your musical preferences.

For example, let’s say you key in “No Matter What” by Badfinger (an old fave), “Talk Dirty to Me” by Poison, “Breakout” by the Foo Fighters, “Bounce” by System of a Down, “Panama” by Van Halen and, just to be weird, Neil Diamond (he did write good songs way back).

OK, class. What are the lowest common denominators?

Male singers;
Simple lyrics;
Um, romance.

Basically, they’re all from the same family tree as, yes, the Monkees. Their songs and those of their kin will now begin playing. Loudly. If the Partridge Family’s next, I’m gonna have to hide somewhere. My guilty pleasures laid bare.

I’m not saying this will happen to you. But be forewarned:

Your musical DNA doesn’t lie.


Shop Boy is pretty hot/cold at this Music Tuesday business so far (today’s Wednesday, for instance), but bear with me — again, you’ve got no choice. It’s my blog and I’m determined to make it work. See you next Tuesday, musically speaking. For now …

Letterpress List No. 3

The following would be unacceptable to Love God’s Way — even if the group might be pulling our leg. (Mary thinks I’m a bit gullible sometimes. I’m not ashamed.) However, if those good folks and other concerned religious groups would just listen, they might find that these songs and others like them affirm life and the freedom to love God much more fully and openly than their way does. I’m not preaching … just saying.

Don’t KillHamell on Trial (God spells it out for us.)
Chocolate Jesus Tom Waits (Really satisfies … the soul.)
CraigStephen Lynch (Jesus’ Cain-raising brother.)
We Are Building a ReligionCake (Where do I sign up?)
Highway to HellPatty (Acoustic AC/DC! She rocks!)
Personal Jesus Depeche Mode (Reach out and touch faith.)
MiracleFoo Fighters (Love shines down.)
Magic Kingdom in the SkyDa Vinci’s Notebook (Disney World, on a skewer.)
God Is in the Radio Queens of the Stone Age (Don’t touch that dial.)
Losing My ReligionREM (“Oh no, I’ve said too much.” Been there.)
The Beautiful PeopleMarilyn Manson (Size … of the steeple … matters.)
Hymn 43 Jethro Tull (A sinner among sinners.)
Sin WagonDixie Chicks (As usual, not gonna take it anymore. God bless ’em.)
Stephen Lynch (Hell’s boss. “The reason that the Boston Red Sox even had a chance.”)
Sabbath Bloody SabbathBlack Sabbath (See above.)
CloserNine Inch Nails (Meat is murder … or something.)

See? I’m not a total wuss. (Stop giggling, Mary.)

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