Shop Boy Makin With the Freak Freak

There’s a gap along the boardwalk in Coney Island, a hollowed-out space between the buildings that house souvenir shops and greasy food stands. It is here where that most all-American of games is played. Shop Boy’s talking, of course, about “Shoot the Freak.”

Swear to god: In Brooklyn, N.Y., where guns are as much of a problem as they are in most areas, a live human being makes his living by running an obstacle course as he dodges projectiles fired by you.

Ah, make-believe murder by the sea. It’s so wrong there’s no way it could feel right. Still … bet you can’t look away.

Well, starting today, you sickos have a chance to play a very similar game. We’ll call it “Make Shop Boy Freak.” Start here: Just purchase a set of the very cool and hand-crafted Global Action for Children holiday cards. Zolo designed them and Crane’s supplied the paper that we at Typecast Press are cutting, printing, die-cutting and scoring. Mary and Shop Boy printed just enough sets to hopefully/maybe/possibly/but not very likely-ly last through the holiday season. In other words, once the current supply is gone, Shop Boy will need to run around Mary’s Baltimore letterpress shop like a nut as he dodges new orders. We do like a challenge around here, apparently.

The rules? Oh, Mary never tells me them until later.

Shop Boy’s game, are you?

It’s for a good cause. And, hey, it’s a living.

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One Response to “Shop Boy Makin With the Freak Freak”

  1. Mel Says:

    Hey! Love the cards – great job! I hope you run out (for good reasons)! Sign me up for the “Shoot the Freak” job – I say, bring it on. Since this is a test, and nothing but a test, I’m going to take on as much stress as I can! (Better than holidays with the fam!) Miss you!

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