Loving It

When Shop Boy grows up, he wants to be Warren Werbitt.

Not because Werbitt’s the president of Pazazz Printing and thus, presumably, makes a good living.

Not because he works in Montreal, Quebec, an extremely cool place. (Maybe Shop Boy’s biased by nature.)

Not even because of his totally amazing, wascally name (was his dad Elmer “Fudd” Werbitt?). Though that’s a close call.

Nope. This is why.

Sigh. In another life, it could have been Shop Boy’s video debut. Just saying.

Well, Mary and Shop Boy are off on another adventure this week, taking in more cast-off cast iron, and we hope the spirit of Warren Werbitt will be with us. If this is what it takes to prove Shop Boy’s love for printing (despite his, um, occasional bellyaching), well, off we go.

Shop Boy’ll tell you all about how it turns out (but you knew that already) as soon as his head stops spinning and he gets some sleep. I’ll leave you with this profane rant from another Werbittian talent, Denis Leary, about, appropriately enough … coffee.

Want more? Here’s a great old clip of Leary addressing the issue of one, ahem, Cindy Crawford … and her classic, awesome response.

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One Response to “Loving It”

  1. Melissa M. Says:

    I am so in love with Mistah Werbitt. And am one with Dennis on…coffee-flavored coffee. That’s one of the funniest clips I’ve seen in a long time.

    Back to the tin mines,


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