Letterpress List No. 34: In the Pink

Mary was in what’s known by highly trained medical personnel as a flop sweat.

She had been asked by Baltimore magazine to appear as the subject in a regular feature called “My Stuff: 10 Things I Can’t Live Without — This Week.” Flattered, she had quickly agreed. Why not? She loves the feature, and we’d get Typecast Press some media coverage. And, dang it, Mary is cool. Why not let the rest of the world know?

Shop Boy danced a little jig.


Um … Mary?

Mary was panicking. What had she done? What 10 things would she choose? Did the shop look OK? What if her hair wasn’t right? Was it too late to cancel? Why’d they have to take her picture? It was about the 10 things, not about her! What in the world would she wear?


This was a job for … Aimee Bracken. Mary’s former associate in graphic design had opened a fancy clothing boutique in Hampden, the weird little neighborhood that Typecast Press calls home. We’d printed cool paper shopping bags for Form: The Boutique, and Shop Boy had spent lots of time in the store not looking at women while waiting patiently if uncomfortably for Mary and Aimee to finish their business.

True story: One day, Shop Boy was delivering large boxes of printed bags to Form, and asked the young person behind the counter where Aimee might be. A finger pointed toward the back of the store. “Oh, you found me,” Aimee said cheerfully. “Yeah, she told me,” I said of her son, GT, the kid at the counter. Look, Shop Boy saw only the long hair from the other side of a box, OK?

But oh, the daggers he shot at me as I realized my goof.

If they one day find Shop Boy hanging dead on a rack in Form, a skateboard snapped over his head, there’s your suspect, the cool dude with the pretty hair.

Anyway, Aimee graciously took Mary in hand. After a little retail therapy (designer jeans, ruffly white top — you know, printer stuff) and some basic counseling, everything was all right.

Now about those 10 things …

Well, I don’t want to spoil it for you, since you will of course be buying a copy of the magazine, right? (Page 94, FYI.) But think icy cocktails, monkeys (say hello to Georgie), C&P’s and Mary’s favorite organization, BUILD — for Baltimoreans United in Leadership Development. Yeah, Shop Boy could live without BUILD some days (sorry, Rob English), but many in the city probably can’t. Mary designed the BUILD logo. Oh, and the kicker?

Pink boots, well rocked.

Heel, Shop Boy!

Letterpress List No. 34

How about an hour’s worth of music to pass the time while the pretty ladies assemble an ensemble? Most of these tunes should be available in the usual places. Goofy and great video links are to YouTube.

Kool Thing Sonic Youth (Yeah, I think so.)
These Boots Are Made for Walkingthe Supremes (Or, if you prefer, Nancy Sinatra and — yikes — Jessica Simpson.)
TambourineEve (Look good always, without a doubt.)
CelebrityBarenaked Ladies (Smile and wave; try to behave.)
You’re a Star Josie and the Pussycats (Love the movie. Love the soundtrack. Hate myself for it.)
Things That Make You Go HmmmmC+C Music Factory (Couldn’t resist.)
Pretty in PinkPsychedelic Furs (Isn’t she?)
Thing ThingEl Pus (Could play it 10 times in a row.)
Without YouHarry Nilsson (Wouldn’t work.)
What’s Wrong With MeX (Zip.)
Kick It OutHeart (Pink footprints on your back.)
Business Time Flight of the Conchords (A team-building exercise. ;-) )
StompKirk Franklin & the Family (If ya don’t know, now ya know.)
Forever in Blue JeansNeil Diamond (Not just any blue jeans, either.)
MissundaztoodPink (Strong women: one thing Shop Boy can’t live without.)
Que Sera Sera — Pink Martini (Trust: another good thing.)

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