Letterpress List No. 56: Musical Chairs

After throwing up the white flag, putting some solvent on it and cleaning ink off the press, Mary and Shop Boy sat talking about the bigger picture.

Mary: “My legs are longer than yours.”

Shop Boy: “You’re just noticing now?”

Mary: “No, but it’s exaggerated in that funny little chair.”

Oh, no she didn’t!

She was dissing my chair!

All right, so it’s not exactly a chair. It’s a barstool. But not just any barstool. (I mean, you figure Shop Boy knows his way around a barstool, am I right?) It’s sturdy pine, with a hard, flat top. And as Mary’d quickly point out to anyone who’d listen, it’s proportioned so that even Shop Boy’s feet can reach the floor. Her metal shop stool allows for, ahem, longer leg descent. Of course, for the less leggy, that means her seat top hits in an awkward spot, leading to butt-cheek paralysis, a temporary yet nonetheless disconcerting affliction.

Besides, who needs long legs when you spend half your time crawling around the printshop floor or bending from the waist across a press to flick a wall switch? What you need is reach. And let me put it this way: If you’re the camper and Shop Boy’s the local bear, you best store your goodies pretty high in the air.

Anyway, Shop Boy’s going to need to scout around for another goofy little stool because, speaking of the bigger picture …

Typecast Press is about to add another room to our expanding “wing” at the Fox Industries building in Hampden. It’s just a few steps down the hall from our largest space. And Shop Boy couldn’t be more excited. Even with my short legs, I’ve been feeling a bit cramped as we limbo over and around heavy objects to get to others.

And it is a perfect space for us. Great light. There are built-in storage shelves and even a sturdy loft where Mary insists she’ll send Shop Boy for a nap the next time he gets cranky. Did I mention it’s affordable?

Now we can just slide a few things down there and bingo, elbow room. Of course, when you shift one item in a carefully organized space, you’ve got to shift just about everything. But since we’ve now tried everything everywhere, at least the decision process should be quick. Right, Mary?

Oh, we could have lived with the space we had, but if it falls into your lap, who can say no? Which is, as you must know by now, Shop Boy’s preferred method of moving through life.

Wayne Mashburn (Mary’s dad): “Well, I guess this means I’d better bring my paintbrush next time I come for a visit.”

Shop Boy: “No, no, no … um, OK. If you insist.”

The wall color is a bit plain.


Letterpress List No. 56

A little late this week because of a working holiday (aren’t they all?), how about just under an hour’s worth of music to paint by — or just to grow on? Most of these tunes should be available in the usual places. Video links are to YouTube.

Walking SpanishTom Waits (No stool pigeon, he’s headed down the hall to meet his fate. By the way, here’s a lame video with a … um … more palatable version of the song.)
Hey BartenderFloyd Dixon (And of course, the Blues Brothers.)
Little RoomWhite Stripes (We’ve got big ideas.)
You Got Good Tastethe Cramps (And Mary’s not afraid to use it.)
Big EyesCheap Trick (Cheap space: Shop Boy’s favorite.)
The Galaxy SongFrom Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life (The Typecast Press universe keeps expanding and expanding.)
Room at the TopTom Petty (Ain’t coming down until I stop pouting.)
Deacon BluesSteely Dan (Crazy scheme? Not this time.)
Here We Go Again Ray Charles with Norah Jones (We’ve been down this hall before.)
Nellyville — Nelly (His empire? “40 acres and a pool.”)
Let My Love Open the DoorPete Townshend (The keys, if you please.)
Elbow RoomSchoolhouse Rock (The best or bust.)
You Ain’t Seen Nothing YetBachman Turner Overdrive (Indeed.)
Mr. ColumbusGrace Potter & the Nocturnals (For Shop Boy’s peoples.)

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