Letterpress List No. 59: Vote Yes on No

“Free” is a tricky concept. It’s sort of like a “part-time” job: 50 hours later, you’re wondering where all that free time went.

Still, when Mary decided it’d be fun and cute to donate a couple of hundred coasters for an election-night party at Woodberry Kitchen (one color, no sweat), Shop Boy was in. Mary had designed the clever little invite for the event. Ahem, check it out:

And the old-time, copper, Donkey vs. Elephant plate that inspired it is really pretty fab.

Shop Boy nailed the set-up in a jiffy — oh, thank you … you’re too kind — and quicker than you can say, um, the Declaration of Independence, we had a stack of 200 coasters. Elephant boxing Donkey on the front, Typecast Press credit on the back. (We’re trying to be less shy about that.) Next!

Earlier, Shop Boy had suggested that maybe a border above and below the image might finish it out a touch, but Mary said no. Too tight an image for that. And too quick a turnaround to get complementary polymer plates made. In brief, just go with the boxers.

Except now Mary was looking at the the things sorta sideways.

Mary: “Do these look too plain?”

Shop Boy: “No. What do you mean?”

Mary: “Look right here …”

(The Donkey is, ahem, taller than the Elephant — it’s kind of eerie, you know?)

Mary: “We could put some different-color stars there. I mean, we can’t do all blue or all red, but maybe gold … what’s wrong? It’s only one color change.”

Shop Boy (placing his foot in his mouth): “What? Why would we do that? Ink up and then clean the press an extra time for stars. Junking up the design? That’s crazy. Jeez!”

Now, what Shop Boy should have said (and later — after the apparent Halloween-candy sugar rage wore off — did say): “These are so cool just the way they are. Woodberry loves its menus and coasters simple. Old school. These are awesome! We nailed it.”

Mary put a check mark in the “OK: Forgiven” box. Whew.

Mary: “That’s all I wanted you to say in the first place.”

Shop Boy: “Actually, I’m thinking of becoming a mute.”

She told me to simply stop talking like an idiot.

Fair enough.


Letterpress List No. 59

OK, here we go. Shop Boy’s not going to tell you how to vote … just get your fanny out there. Meanwhile, how about an hour’s worth of music to turn from “undecided” to “decided” — OK, 45 minutes, but it really shouldn’t take that long, eh? — or just wait in line to pull the lever or push the button by? Most of these tunes should be available in the usual places. Goofy or great video links are to YouTube.

Moneythe Flying Lizards/Beatles (The best things in life are free. Hah.)
Freedom Isn’t Freefrom the movie Team America: World Police (Blowing sacred cows, donkeys and elephants to smithereens. )
The Politics of DancingRe-Flex (Flashback!)
Too ShyKajagoogoo (Ditto.)
Say What You SayEminem (Don’t spray it.)
Power to the PeopleJohn Lennon (Get out there.)
Bulls on ParadeRage Against the Machine (Might want to switch to decaf.)
SugarSystem of a Down (Insane.)
NovocaineGreen Day (Drop the Halloween candy … or else.)
Elected Alice Cooper (Vote for me!)
American Boy Juliette and the Licks (Ms. Lewis ain’t no politician.)
Add It Upthe Violent Femmes (Long day of counting ahead.)
Fight the Power Public Enemy (And every single vote counts.)

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