Letterpress List No. 70: A New Day

So you didn’t really expect Shop Boy to file a blog yesterday, what with all that other speechifying going on, did you?

I mean, even Shop Boy knows when to sit there and shut up. (Here’s where we pause to let everyone get the Dick Cheney jokes out of our system. Better? Good. Let’s proceed.)

Nice day. Great speech by President Barack Obama. Would have been cool if he’d included a bit about letterpress printers as the future of our nation, but that’s OK. Not everyone was disappointed. Mary? Had to pry her off the ceiling afterward. Really. And why not? It was her day.

Shop Boy should mention here that Mary always worries about me getting too loose with the lips. We could maybe turn off a less liberal client. To which Shop Boy says: Look, if you don’t see Mary as one of the smartest, most open-minded, funny, silly, talented socialists in the Western Hemisphere, or can’t tell that this is so simply by talking to her, so be it. Actually, Mary’s just a military brat who’s seen a bit too much of what the world can do to the voiceless. Still, she believes in and — mostly — loves this nation as too few do.

Shop Boy? I’d vote for her. What can I say?

Wait a minute … wasn’t this all about me? Yes, thank you very much, fellow Americans. For you see, Shop Boy has discovered that his words do not merely befuddle the average brain. Nope. They move people.

Check it out. So the Mobtown Shank — a blog/website that IS Baltimore, by our own Benn Ray — recognized Shop Boy’s singular genius, letting me make the call on the top 10 blogs of 2008. (So then I got paved over and pushed to the bottom about four hours later for top movies or fashion or books or some culturally significant thing or another. Whatever.)

Top that, Mr. President.

Oh, OK. Well done.

Still … it’s pretty cool. Have a look. And God Bless America:

Shop Boy’s Top 10 Blogs of 2008

1. NEATORAMA — http://www.neatorama.com — A non-walking compendium of the crazy news and images of the day from “out there.”

2. CUBEECRAFT — http://www.cubeecraft.com — Offers free, funny, fold-it-yourself paper figurines. Pick one, print one, own one. Hellboy! Stay Puft marshmallow man! Michael Myers! Resistance is futile.

3. MODERN DRUNKARD — http://www.moderndrunkardmagazine.com — A boozy assortment of tips for the tipsy, frothy frivolity and warped features like a fictional drink-off of history’s greatest boozers. Oooh. Smell the gutter!

4. LASERPANTS — http://laserpantsftw.blogspot.com/laserpants– Profane commentary on the news of the day (some days, anyway), with photo flotsam and even a little shopping advice. By our very own Geoff Brown.

5. BLOG OF HILARITY — http://blogofhilarity.com — Bitter commentary on wacky news, a staggeringly negative take on celebrities and even the occasional ogling of underage actresses. To paraphrase Ms. Bankhead, blogging’s only dirty if you’re doing it right.

6. MIXWIT — http://http://www.mixwit.com Make your own online mix tapes by browsing an assortment of music sites, decorate the cassette covers and post them on a blog or share them with friends. Oh, and it’s free. EDITOR’S NOTE: It’s also now defunct.

7. MR. PEACOCK — http://mrpeacockstyle.blogspot.comAn apparently tireless dandy’s daily blend of fashion, home decor, food and stories of his beloved mom. It’s a site even a supporter of Proposition 8 could love.

8. OH, IT’S THOSE GIRLS — http://thosetwinsgirls.blogspot.com Who knew Minnesota Twins fans could be so funny? Apparently, what doesn’t kill you makes you funnier. Orioles fans should take a lesson from these two sarcastic, besmitten baseball nuts.

9. BUGS & CRANKS http://http://www.bugsandcranks.comNews, notes, witticism and whining about the twists and turns of the baseball season, now 12 months long. Includes Orioles coverage by local wiseacre Patrick Smith (that’s Smitty to you, pal).

10. IMPRESSIONS OF A SHOP BOY http://gwbgt.wordpress.com — A storytelling blog (ahem, mine) that’s a little bit about letterpress printing and a lot about laughing at the world … and yourself.

Letterpress List No. 70

When it comes to music knowledge — especially local — Shop Boy ain’t no Benn Ray (who I’ve met but do not know, by the way). Still, we shall try to find an hour or so of non-local listening worth your time. Shop Boy considers it his duty to America. Most of these tunes should be available in the usual places. Goofy or great video links are to YouTube.

My President Young Jeezy featuring Nas (Shop Boy wasn’t sure whether to scream or salute when I saw this — it’s something else.)
A Change Would Do You Good Sheryl Crow (Funny how Miss Crow was once stuck as a backup singer to Michael Jackson when she has so much stinking talent of her own. Maybe somebody found out she voted Democrat.)
If I Ruled the WorldNas featuring Lauryn Hill (A Mary favorite. It really does rule.)
The House That Jack BuiltMetallica (Camelot II? Oh why not? Let’s dream a little. Besides, Mary says Mrs. Obama’s the new Jackie O.)
Dream a Little Dream of Me
Louis Armstrong (Had to slip Mary a sedative, of course.)
Come Togetherthe Beatles (Let’s, shall we?)
ElectedAlice Cooper (From a dude who, in the interest of bipartisanship, long ago traded in his cynicism and makeup for custom-designed pitching wedge.)
Eat the RichAerosmith (Shop Boy, as a representative of Typecast Press, feels perfectly safe in listing this song.)
America the BeautifulRay Charles (Hold back the tears today. I dare you.)
Ah MaryGrace Potter and the Nocturnals (Shhh. Listen closely.)
Pride in the Name of Love U2 (Funny, but Shop Boy’s never been a big fan of Bono and Co. Jingly, jangly guitars, song after song, just get a bit tired after a while, you know? But the boys’ hearts are in the right place, I guess.)
Sweet Home Chicago Big Time Sarah and the BTS Express (2:30 a.m. on a Wednesday. She killed. Shop Boy’s first after-hours blues club. Afterward, felt sort of like this video looks and have not been the same since.)
Accentuate the PositiveWillie Nelson (Go for it.)
People Get Ready the Blind Boys of Alabama (Yeah, there are many versions. But this one will get you.)
Today Smashing Pumpkins (A bit cold for ice cream, but cool.)
Walking in Memphis Marc Cohn (Nice …)

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