Thrills and Chills

In other news tonight, a sit-in of sorts in Patterson Park. Rhonda Aramecious is on the scene … Rhonda?

Thanks, Jake. We’re here outside the Patterson, a famed old Baltimore moviehouse, where a couple of people have been camped out, for several days, awaiting the local premiere of Immortal Cupboard, a film about the life and work of poet Lorine Niedecker. Sounds interesting. But what has possibly drawn them out in this bitter cold so long before the movie starts?

Rhonda: Hi, folks. You mind if we ask what you’re doing here, in sleeping bags?

Sleeping Bag No. 1: Well, we don’t want to miss the movie. Cathy Cook of UMBC is the director. She’s really cool.

Sleeping Bag No. 2: Yeah, and it’s got one of our all-time favorite actors — Shop Boy. Or … his hands are in it, anyway.

Sleeping Bag No. 1: And it has a couple of flashes of letterpress printer-type stuff in there. They did the poetry book that way back then. We’re both letterpress printers.

Rhonda: But it’s not showing until Sunday at 3 p.m. It’s Wednesday evening.

Sleeping Bag No. 1: The poet was from Wisconsin. It’s cold up there, and they don’t wear shirts at football games. This is kinda toasty compared to that.

Sleeping Bag No. 2: And like we said, Rhonda, we’re printers — been exposed to a lot of lead in our time.

Rhonda: That explains it then, Jake. Fairly foggy fans figuring freezing’s fine. Back to you in the warm NewsCenter studio.

Jake: Ha-ha. Thanks, Rhonda. I guess it takes all kinds. And for you folks watching at home, here’s how you can see Cathy Cook’s film on Sunday without the frostbite. Meanwhile, this is Jake Nutella saying goodnight … and pass the popcorn.

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