The Secret’s Out

The earliest sign of spring is a brand-new crush.

Oh, it’s OK.

Mary and Shop Boy joke about our “secret crushes” all the time. See, Mary has this thing for the men of letterpress. (She also likes chubby guys, apparently. Lucky for me. Sigh.) It’s always, “My new secret crush stopped by today and gave me some advice on the rollers.” Or, “My other secret crush gave me this great old book on printing.” There’s just something about dudes who share her passion for this nutty letterpress stuff.

Insert your own “large equipment” joke here. Shop Boy wouldn’t touch that with a 10-foot … oops, guess I just did.

Forgive me.

For you see, Shop Boy has his own jones working these days. I’m obsessed.

And of course you know, distractions can be a killer in the printshop.

That’s why I’m dragging poor Mary across the country — away from all these whirring, powerful and heartless presses (and her secret crushes) for a week while Shop Boy gets a big distraction out of his system.

Baseball. In Tucson, Arizona.

Hey, you can have your own dangerous obsessions. I’m sticking with a romance a lot less likely to get me swatted with a metal ruler.

Colorado Rockies baseball. Can’t help myself. Sure, Shop Boy grew up a Red Sox fan. But we lived in Denver just long enough for me to enter this dalliance. And it stuck. Besides, I’ve been sort of angry at the Sox for making the Rox look like, well, little boys in the World Series a couple of years back. Imagine, a Red Sox fan resenting a world championship. Don’t want to summon a curse or something. ;-)

But you didn’t come here to read about baseball, so let me go get some, and Shop Boy’ll be back here with more essential letterpress knowledge in a bit.

Perhaps I can fit in a remote blog post or two between forkfuls of Mexican food. But no promises.

Let me tell you, I am hopelessly in love with that stuff.

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