The Next Chapter

There’s a sign outside Typecast Press, a plate actually — copper on wood. We needed something to let folks know we were there, and Shop Boy figured this might be cool. It’s “right reading,” meaning the type would print backwards if pressed into paper. But of course this way you can read it from the hallway, generally a good attribute in a sign. Brayered-on black ink helps the legibility, too.

The Old Printers’ Home …

And Museum of Mostly Useless Antiquities

Well, it’s officially a lot more antique with the now mostly digital camera guy moving out.

Chris Hartlove has a great office at home and wants to save a few bucks. So, he’s begun to pack up his gear. Makes sense. And you know what space hogs Mary and Shop Boy are, even facing a bump in rent. Chris was lucky to last this long. The body wasn’t even cold before we had plans to turn the former darkroom into the platemaking room. And it’ll be awesome having the extra square footage.

But it’s still sad, of course. Chris gave us our start when we were desperate for a place to store our first thousand-plus-pound press, and basically sealed his fate. Shop Boy will long remember those first crazy days in Chris’ space — now all ours. You know, those days in which we bought the cabinets and machinery and lead and ink and paper that slowly began to crowd Chris out.

That’s life, right? The Fox Building will very likely outlive Mary and me. Typecast Press will one day be torn asunder.

I say this as, in the third room of our studio, Kyle Van Horn of the Maryland Institute College of Art has dumped about a 1,500-pound Vandercook needing some serious TLC on us. Hey, he’s hoping to get his own space, but he needed a place to store it in the meantime. How could we say no, having been there?

Kyle, if you’re reading this, don’t get any smart ideas.


By the way, this is Shop Boy’s 152nd post. Haven’t read them all? Please do so now. We’ll wait.

OK, now that we’re all up to speed …

Priceless prose, huh? (And, yes, by that I do mean FREE.)

Why does 152 matter? Only because I figured my last post would be, well, my last one. Real life has been a bit, um, needy these past few months, hasn’t it? I’m not going to whine. That’s not my style. (Yes it is, Shop Boy.) But I’ve had to slow the pace of posting just a bit. And this week, I really wondered if that was that.

If readership stats are any indication, though, you”re OK with a little less of me.

Then, every time I think this fun exercise is over, something else strikes me as interesting, odd or, ahem, funny. And I’m right back at it again. With no end in sight.

Sorry about that.

Oh, and thanks.

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One Response to “The Next Chapter”

  1. Brent Done Says:

    Tell me it isn’t so Shop Boy! I love your insight and wry comments on life…just my style….

    Sycamore Creek Press

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