Sleepless in … August

When you hang around old printshops and falling-down garages that once were old printshops, not to mention eBay — um, Mary, we have to talk — you can end up with a lot of funky treasures.

Just one of thousands we’ve somehow acquired is this crazy old die for cutting out a card in the shape of a milk carton. Not sure what it was used for but Shop Boy immediately thought:

“Have you seen me?”

Sick, right?

But I’ve felt like a missing person these past couple of weeks. So I thought I’d check in. Man, we’ve been busy. Whee!


Well, yes, but Mary is about toast, and Shop Boy is only a little less fried by the pace. This blog, in case you can’t tell — pay attention, folks — is a sort of therapy for me. And we don’t want Shop Boy off his meds for too long. Besides, I’ve got so, so much to tell you.

Let me catch my breath a sec, and I’ll be right back with evidence of what we’ve been up to. Promise.

Until then …

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