Sachet on Over

Where does a 15-pound bag of lavender sit?

Anywhere it wants to (ho-ho!), but preferably it will choose a room with good ventilation.


It sure covers up the smell of musty old stuff in the storage room,
so that’s something.

The huge sack is part of a grand product scheme by Mary, which I guess Shop Boy’s been enabling. (Honest, I feel like Barney Rubble to Fred Flintstone or Art Carney to Jackie Gleason. OK, she’s had some great ideas. Blah, blah, blah.) As part of the first appearance by Typecast Press at an arts and crafts fair, we’d print little cloth bags — sachets — and fill them with, you guessed it, lavender. And did I mention the pine? The ginger? Orange peel?

A regular funk farm. Jeez, Shop Boy’s lungs were seizing up.

First order of business was the bags. We’d brainstormed how to adorn them. Mary had designed a gorgeous lavender plant for a wedding invite a while back, so that was a gimme. We even had some of the ink left. Ding-ding-ding! Then came the “stinky shoe” idea — you know, for guys’ smelly insoles. (Shop Boy did not take this personally.) Finally, a decorative thingamabob from an old, copyright-free book.

The bags were flat tweaky. Not flat, mind you, but tweaky for sure. They come 250 per order, all bunched together in a plastic bag, meaning Shop Boy had to all but steam iron the darned things individually to make the wrinkled edges stay in the C&P’s guides. Had to reeaaallllly slow the big press down.

The cloth actually took the impression quite well. Shop Boy had feared the ink would go through the muslin and make a mess, requiring me to stick a sheet of cardboard or whatever inside each and every bag and re-set all the packing. Talk about slowing things down.

In a couple of hours, I’d printed enough bags, in a couple of different colors, to get us through to the next millennium, never mind the craft fair, and Mary called in a couple of friends to seal the deal, filling each sachet with dried lavender or whatever noxious mixture Mary had stirred together in the potato chip bowl. “New in your favorite grocer’s snack section: orange peel and ginger-flavored chips!”  (We’ll clean it before your next visit … swear.) Tiny drawstrings closed the bags to prevent spillage and voila!

Shop Boy mostly steered clear of that mess, coming in at the end to knock out 50 or so lavender sachets of, as you’d imagine, the highest quality.

You know what? People bought ’em. Not all of them, of course. We’ve got a ton left over, overflowing a couple of cardboard boxes like tiny sandbags ready to hold back a flash flood of foul-smelling liquids or something.

And we’ve still got half a bag of lavender. (Cough!)

“Do you think it will attract mice?” Mary asked.

Shop Boy’s thinking it’ll do just the opposite — send the little buggers running outside, screaming for fresh air.

Now, if you don’t mind, I think Shop Boy will join them.


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One Response to “Sachet on Over”

  1. THOMAS REID Says:

    Shop Boy,

    By now you have got to know that Mary can be the pied piper of anything! its fun to pain the fence…and we dummys take the mashburn bait…everytime. My dad would call the stuff you have to deal with…..stink pretty.

    Keep the blogs coming steve…


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