Job Description

He was known as the Printer’s Devil, the printshop apprentice who was always getting into something and making a mess. Always trying to help but often doing something far closer to the opposite.

This Shop Boy learned one day from Donna Murphy, printer sister of one Vince I. Pullara III — or “VIP” to Mary. In addition to a wave of offset jobs for various clients, their Inter-City Press graciously makes negatives for Typecast Press. And Mary’s green with envy over the programmable paper cutter Vince has bailed us out with on several occasions. Plus, they’re really cool people … and they always have a plate of candy out. Shop Boy will notice candy wrappers in Mary’s car and know to ask, “How are Vince and Donna?”

Anyhow, I was dispatched by Mary to pick up some negatives from Inter-City one day, and was greeted at the entrance by Donna. She handed me the rolled-up film, looked at me kind of funny and asked, “So, how did you get the name Shop Boy?”

I gave her the short version.

“So, you’re sort of the Printer’s Devil,” Donna said, offering me the above definition.


Another guy might have been offended.

Shop Boy’s thinking maybe I should change the name of this blog.

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