36/24/36 … 24/7/365

It’s hard enough to remember what day it is sometimes. Now Shop Boy really has a challenge on his hands: How will I ever remember what month it is without the Fantasy Builders hotties reminding me from the wall calendar in the main room of Typecast Press?

See, for the past couple of years, Mary and Shop Boy have continued a joke started when a former roommate suggested that every printshop must have a girlie calendar. The local hardware store supplies the calendars for free, then Mary goes through month by month to helpfully explain to Shop Boy where nature has been altered by science or enhanced by computer, pasting a confetti of paper hearts and stars over the bits that go a bit too far over the line — the bra line, usually. Until this year.

There probably aren’t quite enough paper stars in the world to shield impressionable eyes from this year’s batch of “construction workers.” Yes, it’s tradition to have the calendar. And, yes, construction workers have traditionally shown a bit of “butt crack” every now and again. But, good golly.

Shop Boy knew the joke was over before we’d even got to springtime.

We’ve got young female interns this semester. And a few guests in the past year have looked at us kind of funny over the whole thing. Besides, Shop Boy likes being thought of in a certain way by women. Not that way.

It’s kind of too late to print our own shop calendar. So it’ll probably end up being kitties instead of “kittens” this time around.

Shop Boy will try to refrain from pointing out everywhere that the “perfect” little furballs have been Photoshopped.

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