Starting Something

Come on … haven’t you ever wanted to know what it feels like to work with the mega-stars of this letterpress blog of ours? I mean, real face time? Printing your own stuff on a Vandercook press in a lovely setting? Learning a little about the history of printing and a lot about the oddities of starting a business whose technology peaked, like, 50 years ago? And getting the chance to maybe observe a Shop Boy “adventure” up close?

You sure have! Am I right, or am I right?

Well, you have come to the right place.

Yes, folks, if you order right now, you can be one of eight exceptionally fortunate people to be instructed by Mary in the first-ever, inaugural and even never-been-done-before Typecast Press letterpress class.


I mean, think of the collector’s items you’ll take away. And the bragging rights over being the first to take the class. Wow!

Mary, who you know teaches at the mighty Maryland Institute College of Art, has got the Vandercook presses primed and ready. Shop Boy has painted, vacuumed, stood atop a tall ladder and stretched up with a duster to, gulp, clean the ceiling fans, for heaven’s sake. (I’m never, ever doing that again, FYI, so the classroom environment will never be this dust-free again. Just saying.)

We’ve even hung up art and shelves in the new space, just for you.

And all you’ve got to do is show up. Heck, we’re even throwing in lunch.

Think about that for a minute. Fill up a boring February Saturday (2/20) with the love of letterpress.

Short notice? Sure.

But it’s short notice for us, too.

Shop Boy? Oh, I’ll be there. Signing autographs, posing for photos, that kind of thing. OK, I’ll mostly be trying not to do anything too dopey with all these witnesses around.

Seriously, I’ll be helping out with a joke here, or a little encouragement there, a floor demo over there — you know me — while Mary does the hard stuff.

Really, this should be fun. We’re going to do another, different workshop in March with our bookmaking friend BethAnne Garcia — ask her for a tip on the third race at Pimlico.

Kidding. We’ll teach you how to use the Vandercooks, she’ll teach you how to turn what you’ve printed into a keepsake book. She taught us, she can teach anybody. Registration for that’s on the form I linked to above as well.

Makes a great last-minute Valentine’s Day gift, if you, um, get me.

So, deal? Thought so. See everybody there.

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