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What Goes Around Comes Around

May 24, 2013

A previous post reminded me of something.

So, our success at using the 8×10 C&P from Mr. Wilhelm and then a bigger one to build something of a letterpress printing business convinced us (Mary) that we were ready to add the clamshell power, speed and registration accuracy of a windmill press. She’d let herself be talked into buying/persuaded Vince Pullara II of InterCity Press to sell us a Heidelberg that he no longer needed as he expanded the offset side of his printing business. Honestly, we’ve never regretted that purchase.

(Aside from the day Shop Boy locked the windmill up — too much packing — and thought he’d killed it, but I still don’t want to talk about that.)

Anyhow, Mary was looking through the old scraps of paper from Mr. Wilhelm’s files one day – we took everything, not knowing what it was but figuring we might need it someday – and came across the receipt from his purchase of the 8×10. It was signed by a Vince Pullara who, having built something of a letterpress business with it and others, had decided he need the clamshell power, speed and registration accuracy of a windmill.

I’ve stopped believing this stuff is random.