About Shop Boy

The mild-mannered, helpful and humble Shop Boy spends much of the week masquerading as Steve St. Angelo, a writer and editor for the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing in Baltimore, MD. On nights and weekends, though, he steps into a nearby phone booth — or he would if any existed anymore — and becomes a defender of the defunct, restorer and operator of machines the world has turned its back on. As ward of Mary Mashburn, the brains and beauty behind Baltimore’s Typecast Press, he endeavors to make clear the path to creativity, rendering powerless the enemies of letterpress. Lord of lead. Prince of polymer. King of … ah, mostly he cleans, lifts heavy stuff and makes light of even the worst moments. There’s a certain nobility in that.

7 Responses to “About Shop Boy”

  1. Tom Dunkel Says:

    Shop Boy,
    You Da Man! Hell with copy editing. The blogs have a nice writerly touch. You may have missed your calling…but pace yourself, rookie. I noted you’ve written 147 blogs in 3 days. Brain and fingers are going to start cramping soon. Remember: Stay within yourself. Put your pants on one leg at a time. Blog smart.
    In case you are already groping for new blog topics, here are a few questions from the audience:
    1. Have you ever had the urge to ink your butt and make limited-edition cheek prints? Signed by Shop Boy, of course.
    2. Is it true chicks dig typesetters?
    3. Have you used the word “quoin” yet in a Scrabble game? If so, did it give you goosebumps?
    Best of blogging luck,
    Print Boy

  2. paperseedblog Says:

    Hah, I like what you wrote here! I just came across your blog by using the tag “letterpress” and noticed that your posts were some of the most prevalent and recent ones.

  3. waltzingaustralia Says:

    Splendid tales. Thanks so much for sharing. I’ve spent more time with offset press than letterpress, but I’m familiar enough to have really enjoyed the adventures — including the ones that having nothing to do with printing.

  4. bibomedia.com Says:


  5. Colleen D Carter Says:

    Hey Shop Boy,
    Did you know that Mary, Purveyer Of All That Is Printable, is easily plied with a good dollop of Dukes Mayonaise? True Dat…

  6. smitty Says:

    I’m a huge Shopboy fan and would love to check out the press operation one day. I’m practically next door.

    Thanks for chiming in on Bugs&Cranks.

    smitty the orioles guy

  7. B Says:

    I loved your piece on “THE KING”, So many memories….. I grew up in a printing shop in Walla Walla and my Dad and Eddie were friends. We printed his souvenir booklets for him since 1951. Many Many good memories. The guy was a legend! I come across some of the old negatives and clip art from them to this day. Cheers

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